Kraft Custom Kitchens
Our kitchen was custom designed by Kraft Kitchens....their quality of work, material and service is simply awesome.

Doors and Mouldings

Specialty Premium Doors AT Series


AT 20-A Athens

AT 20-B Athens

AT 30 Thebes

AT 40 Corfu

AT 20-A Athens Drawer

AT 20-B Athens Drawer

AT 30 Thebes Drawer

AT 40 Corfu Drawer

AT 50 Argos

AT 60 Palatine

AT 70 Collina

AT 80 Delphi

AT 50 Argos Drawer

AT 60 Palatine Drawer

AT 70 Collina Drawer

AT 80 Delphi Drawer

AT 90 Olympia


AT 90 Olympia Drawer







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